Mandatory country of origin labelling


(Brussels, 18 July 2017) Mandatory country of origin labelling: FoodDrinkEurope disappointed with AGRIFISH Council debate

Following yesterday's AGRIFISH Council, FoodDrinkEurope expresses its disappointment with the outcome of the debate on national rules on mandatory origin labelling. 

Despite the call from the Belgian Minister, supported by a mounting number of Member States (e.g. Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Luxembourg), for the European Commission to conduct an EU impact assessment of existing national measures and their impact on trade in the Single Market, the Commission does not feel it necessary to proceed with this urgently.

The Commission only asked the involved Member States to provide feedback by the end of their 'experiment' (which may run until 2019). The Commission did not either provide a satisfactory answer on whether the legal conditions for the national measures have been met as per EU food labelling law, whereas there are clear indications that this is not the case.

In the meantime, evidence is mounting that companies exporting to e.g. France, where such a measure has been in place since summer last year, are experiencing reductions in business as a direct consequence of the national rules. We therefore call on the Commission to urgently take action against this unsustainable situation for the EU Single Market for foods and to proceed with a thorough impact assessment of the market situation without further delay.

Download the statement ( pdf - 206KB )