Joint Business call to a successful and inclusive conclusion of the EU-Japan FTA negotiations

(Brussels, 12 December 2016) We, European business organisations, signatories of this statement, are strong proponents of fostering trade partnership and cooperation between the EU and Japan. As negotiations for the EU-Japan Free Trade Agreement (FTA) reach the final stage, we wish to take the opportunity to reiterate the value of this relationship to our industries and the benefits that a stronger collaboration would bring to the economies and societies of Europe and Japan.

We remain convinced that the EU-Japan FTA has the potential to deliver significant economic benefits and contribute to the development of both economies and improve the livelihoods of people working in many sectors. This EU-Japan FTA represents a significant opportunity to enlarge markets and improve regulatory coherence, and thereby expand trade and investment, economic growth and employment, as well as contribute to enhanced competitiveness and productivity of businesses in both economies and in the wider international context.

We call on both parties to move forward the negotiations in a constructive manner and make all efforts necessary to swiftly conclude an ambitious and inclusive EU-Japan FTA. To reach a deep and comprehensive agreement, the signatories of this statement urge both negotiating teams to remove all types of tariffs and non-tariff measures, and show restraint in their requests for extended staging. The final result should be a high-level and balanced EU-Japan FTA which further consolidates the existing trade and economic partnership between the two parties. We call on the EU and Japan to send a strong signal that trade policy is the way forward as a means of delivery of stronger, sustainable and balanced growth which contributes to the competitiveness and the creation of more jobs and economic opportunity in both markets.

As always, an Agreement should also comprise a strong implementation chapter in order to guarantee that all commitments are effectively applied by both parties. This is why, such an ambitious, comprehensive and effective FTA between the EU and Japan should lead to real openness and enhanced competitiveness in both markets, and deliver growth for all. We call upon the key negotiators to do their outmost to successfully conclude an ambitious and inclusive EU-Japan FTA as soon as possible. As industry, we remain committed to do our outmost to support policy makers in achieving this goal.

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